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Asayah Yisraal

I am the Restorer of the counsel Of Peace. The Counsel of Peace was restored to restore the Covenant of Peace and MessiahGovernment of Peace.  This Counsel will protect and guard the Covenant of Peace, and the body of believers of this Covenant.  Michael (Micahyah), a anointed Cherub, guarded the body of believers as written in Daniyl 12:1.

 It is through this Counsel that the church and state will work together.


History of University of Counse 

The University Of Counsel started off as a Private Home School.  Texas is one of the States of the Union that is big on Home School.  It was in 2002 the that founder Asayah Y. Hawkins decided to home school his two younger children.  The founder had a divine love for the Holy Bible, that lead him to write many books that he use to teach his children. It was'nt until 2006 that he decided to record one of his books, the Covenant of Peace. It was in 2005 that the home school officially was named the School of Counsel and issue its first diploma to his older daughter Azalyah Hawkins. This School still exist as a private school under the Counsel of Peace, but now as of November 6, 2012 is it will be known as University Of Counsel (UOC). All four children of the founder was educated in this school and recieved a diploma. His younger daughter, Tchermiyah A. Hawkins, is the Managing Director of Teens Speak Out Organization and Magazine.

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