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They Ask of Me the Ordinances of Justice

Eyes On The Truth



Written by 10/1/2011 Yibniyah Hawkins


The intent of this work is to reveal to mankind the only authorize governmental system with the capability to establish in the earth truth, justice, and peace. The government of Yahweh known as the Government of Peace will establish peace amongst the nations. This work will reveal the reason for the cures we are encounter today amongst nations. The judgments of the Kingdom of Yahweh will be explained to display their usefulness within our governments. The judgments written in scripture were designed to establish true justice within our governmental systems, when they are regarded by our leaders as a means to resolve our national and global problems. The leaders of the nations must adopt the judicial system given to Mosheh, so man may learn true justice. Throughout history the governments of man have strongly opposed the Laws of Yahweh as the only body of law that can solve the problems within their governments. When Yahweh’s Laws, Statues, Ordinances, and Judgments are examined, their intrinsic qualities and moral principles are clearly seen. The nations of the earth would eliminate many of their problems if they would accept and obey the Laws of Peace written for our learning. 

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