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What is Your Blood Type?



To know your blood type, you must first know your family tree. The family tree consists of your family blood linage of the families of your Father and mother. When you were born you inherited one of your parent’s blood types.  The blood types are A, B, AB, or O.  These four blood types are also four state of man. More on this will be discussed in the future.


Jer 32:27 - Behold, I [am] Yahweh (LORD, GOD), the Father of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? 


Yahweh who is the Father of all flesh is also Our King.  He is the King of all Flesh.  All flesh is also known as grass/herb.


You are what you eat. To have a healthy life, we must know our blood type, because our blood type is the pattern of our makeup. Certain blood types aren’t compatible. They will oppose each other.  The same will occur if you aren’t eating the right diet for your blood type.  It is very important to know your blood type so you can eat the right food. A lot of us has been eating ourselves to death, and didn’t know. Once we know our blood type, we can then begin a journey of a healthy life and a longer life span.

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