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Asayah Yisraal

I am the Restorer of the counsel Of Peace. The Counsel of Peace was restored to restore the Covenant of Peace and MessiahGovernment of Peace.  This Counsel will protect and guard the Covenant of Peace, and the body of believers of this Covenant.  Michael (Micahyah), a anointed Cherub, guarded the body of believers as written in Daniyl 12:1.


It is through this Counsel that the church and state will work together.

Azalyah Yisraal

I am the Counselor and Judge in the matters of ASK At ABEL. They used to speak long ago saying, to recieve an answer. Ask Counsel At Abel; and that would settle a matter. 


In the days of old there was a woman prophetess that manage the affairs of Abel.  To this Day, as the old, a woman is overseeing the affairs of Abel.

Wisdom Defense

"We the People of the Covenant"

It is the Counsel of Peace duty, commission and responsibility to uphold, guard and protect the covenant of peace, the people of the covenant,  and its government.

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