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Our Firm - Wisdom Defence

"We the People of the Covenant"



Greeting by the authority of the Most High,

​For over twenty years under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,  the restoring of the Counsel  of Peace,  the covenant of peace, Messiah Government of Peace, and birth of the Nation of Yisraal, has been accomplish.  This journey hasn’t been easy.   Sacrifices had to be made in order for there to be any hope for man.  This Covenant of Peace was prophesied to be restored in these last days to bring peace upon this earth. When you see the rainbow remember this covenant. We were told in Mat 6:33 KJV - But seek ye first the kingdom of Yahweh, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  This ​Kingdom, also known as a government,  is within this book, and is defined as in the beginning.  Yahweh’s Covenant was for the children of Yisraal (israel).  The world will benefit also if they accept this covenant as theirs also. It is the Counsel of Peace duty, commission and responsibility to uphold, guard and protect the covenant of peace, the people of the covenant,  and its government. A magazine will be publish monthly title WISDOM DEFENSE​  Wisdom was in the beginning in the garden crying out to all that would hear unto life. Open your ears unto wisdom so it can enter into your heart with knowledge that is pleasant to your soul. ​​


You are being invited to be a part of the greatest work to be undertaken in over 2,000 years: The Covenant and Counsel of Peace. This work was renewed by our Savior, called Messiah, and is now being restored back to mankind in this time period, by another son of Yahweh, Asayah Yisraal . We are being  witness to a cultural revolution that is taking place throughout the world. People are wanting a resolution to what they see as bad government and the lack of true justice in government. The Covenant of Peace, the greatest Constitution ever written for mankind, is now being recorded as a witness of True, Peaceful, and Right Government to all nations, as the Government of Peace.  The only way for people to be in unity, is to follow  the Covenant that brings unity . [Self governing, with a righteous body of laws, statutes, commandments, and judgments, that goes beyond the barriers of men's personal, religious interpretation, translation and viewpoint.] This Covenant can be denied, but it cannot be ignored. It will accomplish what Our Father has said it will do!

Introduce as Senate Joint Resolution 165, with thirty-three co-sponsors, and as House Joint Resolution 487 with 219 co-sponsors, a request was delivered before Congress to honor the Bible as Holy Scripture.  The resolution suffered no amendments, no exclusions, no demands that it be stricken of religious references.  It became Law.

The 97th Congress of the United States publicly declared 1983 the national “Year of the Bible”.  The bipartisan document known as Public Law 97-280, was signed on October 4, 1982 by Speaker of the House Thomas P. O’Neil, President of the Senate –Pro Tempore Strom Thurmond, and President of the  United States Ronald Reagan.


Asayah Y. Hawkins (aka) Asayah Yisraal

Kingly-Priest and Son of Yahweh

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