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Office of Education (OE)

The mission of the Office of Education (OE) is to promote educational achievement and preparation for global peace by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.

The Office of Education Carries Out its Mission in Two Major Ways

First, the Office of Education united with the Office of the Secretary play a leadership role in the ongoing national dialogue over how to improve the results of our education system. This involves such activities as raising national and community awareness of the education challenges confronting every nation, disseminating the latest discoveries on what works in teaching and learning, and helping communities work out solutions to difficult educational issues.

Second, the Office of Education pursues its twin goals of access and excellence through the administration of programs that cover every area of education and range from preschool education through postdoctoral research.


Every nation has its own defined curriculum standard. However, the scope of the OOE’s responsibility is to form a uniform curriculum standard. Including the following:


  • Setting International-wide academic curriculum standards;

  • Establishing school graduation requirements for all levels of education;

  • Determining qualifications for professional education personnel;

  • Establishing International accountability and assessment programs;

  • Establishing standards for accreditation of local school districts and preparation programs for teachers and administrators;

  • Developing rules and regulations for the administration of international programs.

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