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My name is Yibniyah Hawkins I have for over 22 years study the Holy Scriptures and the ancient art of writing known today as Hebrew. I have written many books and articles in regards to many important subjects regarding the issues we face today. I am dedicated to bring peace to the world and resolving the Israeli and Palestinians conflict. The Madad Restoring the Ancient Landmarks is a work we have presented to the nations as an effort to facilitate the negotiation process for resolving the conflict existing between the Israeli and Palestinians. I have establish Shelem Ministry to be a ministerial organization for world peace to present to the nations the Ephah a body of standards  based on the Torah. We have also the Madad designed to restore the ancient landmarks so the children of Israel can return to their inheritance. The Madad has another important functions to pave the way for the rebuilding of Third Temple in Yerusalem. This historical event will come to pass once the Israeli and Palestinians reestablish the everlasting covenant of peace  and restore the ancient landmarks in the inheritance given to all the children of Abraham descendants of Ishmael(the Arabs) and descendants of Isaac ( the Hebrews).


The listeners can further their understanding concerning our purpose and read and download for free many articles regarding issue we face today same sex marriage, climate change, the drought and biblical history at www.eyesonthetruth.com.  The listeners can also write to us concerning any subject you would like us to address or question regarding any of the material we have available at :


Shelem Ministry

PO. Box 896

Abilene, Tx   79601 or

email us www.shelemministry@yahoo.com or www.eyesonthetruth@yahoo.com.

Yibniyah Hawkins

Chief Executive Counsellor of Peace

Shelem Ministry

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